It’s been a while!

I forgot this blog existed for a little while, haha.

Well, lots of awesome stuff has happened in the last few months, mostly concerning gigs & friends & travelling to new places! But I’ve also had a few bits of bad news today so I’m not feeling too great :/

Firstly they’re having a massive labour cut at work because the company isn’t doing very well, which means I will only be able to work a maximum of 16hrs a week, & they even want me to cut that down to less. So maybe I’ll have to look around for a new job, idk. I couldn’t imagine not working with my crew & I really love the flexibility that I have with hours & holiday there, but I don’t want to be skint all the time either. There’s gonna be a big meeting about it in a few weeks so hopefully something can be figured out.

Also I’ve had some odd symptoms for a few months, & after a doctors appointments & a blood test, it looks like I have either an ovarian cyst or a prolactinoma which is a minor benign tumour. So I’m having another blood test next week & a hospital appointment after that. It’s a little bit scary because I’ve never been to hospital, but I’m glad that something’s hopefully going to be done about it soon.

So yeah, feeling a bit stressed about everything, & it doesn’t help that I have a bunch of assignments that need researching & writing as soon as possible. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I’ll get over it! At least I have some things coming up in the next few months to look forward to, especially Hyper Japan in July, Front Line Assembly in August, and London Edge in September. Bring it on!


From the bottom of my black little heart…

I was 16 when I fell in love with My Chemical Romance, sometime in 2005. I searched out the album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge on a friend’s recommendation and was blown away by the lyrics, the guitars, and most of all, how fucking AWESOME the songs were. I read everything I could find about MCR, mostly in Kerrang and NME, and listened to the album on repeat every day. As I look around my room right now, I still have the promotional posters for Three Cheers that I tore out of magazines and a yellowing poster of MCR at the 2005 Kerrang Awards up on my walls, 8 years later.

And now, in 2013, I still feel as much love for MCR as when I did when I first heard them. I am proud to say that they are my all-time favourite band (with Hole at a very close second). They are a band that fills my heart up with love and pride whenever I see them or hear them. They introduced me to great music (Misfits, Thursday, Black Flag), they made extremely happy, and, of course, they saved my life on more than one occasion. And I have made some of the best friends in the world, throughout the world, though this fucking band.

I met Gerard Way twice, first at an official signing and the second time at a very informal event that I was extremely lucky and privileged to attend. He was wonderfully humble and sweet both times, even shaking my hand and introducing himself as Gerard to me the second time, as if I might not know who he was. I’m so honoured to have met someone I class as one of my main heroes in life, and so pleased that he was just as friendly and down-to-earth as I had always hoped he would be.

The occasions on which I got to see MCR perform are some of the happiest and most memorable experiences of my life. I saw them live 7 times, and fuck, I really wish it had been more… but I’m so lucky to have even seen them at all.

I first saw them at Brixton Academy in November 2006 with Kerri – my first ever show at Brixton, actually. It was insane!

Then it was the Black Parade world tour at Wembley Arena in March 2007 – K and I were almost front row & experienced the full force of the fire & pyrotechnics that night, haha. The Black Parade album played in full before a quick costume change for a set of Three Cheers songs = fucking awesome! I still have an album somewhere with photos from the show and confetti from the cannons during WTTBP.

Then the Club Koko show in April 2007 – this was a Radio 1 exclusive show that was being filmed for BBC2, and you had to win tickets by phoning up and answering questions live on air! After trying several times every day, I finally got through to Colin Murray, won the tickets, and told him live on air that I loved him, and he replied that he loved me too, haha. I was on phone line number 7, and that has been my lucky number ever since! The show itself was intense – so many screaming fans packed into such a small venue… but there was an epic moment in which K tried to throw the purple boa that I’d been wearing up to Gerard – he saw it and said “what is that? Is that a boa? I love boas… it didn’t make it up here though”. They kept that part in the show that was broadcast on BBC2, I have it on video somewhere, lol. Afterwards we hung around outside and met Frank and Ray, and got signatures.

Next was the O2 Arena in November 2007 – my first show with both Kerri and Emma. I remember this one pretty clearly, actually. Especially Desert Song – singing along when it felt like no-one else in the crowd was. So beautiful…

Then, October 2010 was the World Contamination tour at Hammersmith Apollo! I will never forget how fucking incredible it was when they opened with Na Na Na and the whole venue just exploded! And Planetary (GO!) had everyone jumping, and they played Our Lady of Sorrows for the first time in 4 years, and a load of new tracks. And it was awesome cuz it was my first MCR show with Rhia!

February 2011 was when I travelled up to Birmingham Arena cuz I had to miss the show at Wembley Arena the previous day. An awesome setlist overall, but especially exciting as the last track they played was Vampires Will Never Hurt You. Finally hearing it live was just the best feeling, I can’t even explain how much that song means to me…

And, the final time I saw MCR was at the iTunes Festival show at the Roundhouse, in July 2011, with Rhia, and I know a few other people who were there. It was a ticket-winners only event but I was very lucky because someone paid a lot of money for tickets on eBay for me, and edited the initials to mine, for which I will be forever thankful. It was broadcast on iTunes and when we watched it back, I spotted myself looking like a right excitable twat, haha. If only I had known it would be the last time I would see my favourite band… I can’t even believe it was 2 years ago!

So anyway, I won’t go into how this band saved my life but they absolutely did and I know they did the same for so many other people. They gave me something to look up to, to dream about, to aim for. God knows I have SO many of their t-shirts, hoodies, cds, vinyls, magazine covers, ticket stubs, photos, signatures, but the one thing that is most important is that they’re imprinted on my heart and they always will be. I knew the time would come when they’d announce the end, but I just wasn’t anticipating it just yet… Words really can’t explain how I’m feeling, although I’ve tried very hard to articulate my love for this band. Today has been so fucking tough but I’ve cried enough now and I’m trying so hard to remember that they’re still individual people and they’re happy. I have so many memories and people in my life because of them, and I still have the music.

Thank you, Gerard, Frank, Ray, Mikey, and everyone involved with MCR in the past, for everything –  from the bottom of my black little heart…

2013 so far – college ‘n’ stuff!

It’s been a little while since I last blogged – I have so many things going on at the moment that I’ve been neglecting my laptop & just using mobile internet for all the important things like FB, twitter, VR & emails. But I thought I’d make time for a little update!

It was my second day at college today – we finished at 12pm yesterdayday & 11am today! (Today’s IT class was cancelled as there is no teacher yet). So I took some time to self-enrol at the library & get some books out. I’m studying a Access To Higher Education course which includes modules in Maths, English, Sociology, Social Policy, Psychology, Health Studies, IT & Study Skills. I have assignments & exams in most of those areas, plus I have a personal portfolio to complete over the year. Today in Maths I was told I could opt out of that module if I want to, as I already have a B grade GCSE in it, but I think I should refresh my brain on it anyway. & also I have no idea where my certificate is as proof, lol. I was concerned today would be hard as Maths isn’t one of my strong points, but it was all pretty easy which makes me feel more confident. Yesterday we started Sociology & Health Studies. Health Studies seems okay, but Sociology definitely sounds the most interesting, especially as there’s a unit on feminism & feminist perspectives on the family – I’m really excited to show off my knowledge on feminist theory & hopefully I can get a distinction on that assignment! I’m also looking forward to Psychology as it was something I was considering studying before. & Study Skills will prove so useful, so that’s going to be good.  I don’t think I could just start degree-standard research/assignments straight-away after working full-time, my brain is too soft – so it’s all good preparation for university!

In other news, I cut my Bettie bangs the other day & my hair has just been great for the past 2 days! I’ve been using Lush’s Reincarnate shampoo & Fluff-Eaze hair treatment, both with henna, which has made my hair darker & glossier. I’ve been using everything by Lush, actually. Obsessed!

I’ve also read 7 books out of my 50 book goal – I don’t think I’ll get much time for fun reading whilst studying, but I will try my hardest to hit that 50 mark!

2012 into 2013

Positive things that happened in 2012:

– I flew solo to New York, saw two of my favourite bands at Irving Plaza, & hung out with my some of my American friends. I also ate more Oreos than I thought was humanly possible, in various flavours & guises

– I met Patty Schemel from Hole (a serious dream come true)

– I got into college & put down a deposit on my course

– Batwife & I got into all sorts of shenanigans with The Defiled at their album recording, & also randomly after a Wednesday 13 show & a Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson show (20,000 people in one arena & we just happened to find Alex & Stitch hanging out!)

– I saw lots of awesome bands, including Mindless Self Indulgence (for the 9th & 10th times), Atari Teenage Riot (2nd time), Rob Zombie (2nd time), Queen with Adam Lambert (1st time), Morningwood (1st time &, sadly, their final ever performance), Wednesday 13 (2nd time), The Defiled (3rd time), Die Antwoord (1st time), Axewound(1st & 2nd time), & Emilie Autumn (2nd time).

– I saw TNA live at Wembley Arena (& I have tickets for the end of January 2013 which are even better seats & Jeff Hardy will be there because he’s finally allowed in the country!)

– I saw a Russell Brand stand-up show in a small theatre

– I was interviewed for a friend’s zine which has been published & is available in a few small, independent bookshops in London

– I discovered vegan sushi, boba tea, & kombucha (nommm)


Aspirations for 2013:

– to try to get distinctions in all my assessments for college (I need a minimum of 30 level 3 credits at distinction for the degree I want to study)

– to see as many bands as possible (my usual goal!)

– to eat more raw fruit & veg

– to cut my hair really short

– to read at least 50 books

– to learn to cook more meals from scratch

– to save money for a short holiday

Birthday fun!

I’ve spent most of my birthday in my pjs on the sofa, but it’s been a good day full of much-needed rest! & also noms – we had pizza & sweet potato fries.

My work colleagues surprised me with some lovely gifts yesterday – a Sparky plushie & giftsets from Lush, both of which were ones I really wanted but hadn’t told them about. I felt very spoilt!


After work I ate at Giraffe – I had sweet potato fries, wok-fried edamame with chilli, soy sauce, mirin & ginger, & a platter of hummus, gaba ganoush & mixed olives with toasted za’atar spiced naan bread & grilled focaccia fingers. NOM. & mum had a vegetable soup with garlic naan. She helped me out with the edamame & fries too.


Then we went to see The Hobbit, which was awesome! I could fangirl more, but I’ll keep quiet, haha. I bet it’s awesome in 3D but my eyes usually hurt behind 2 pairs of glasses, & it was still fantastic in 2D!

Today I got more lovely presents – a huge bottle of Snow Fairy & a plush of Snowy from Tintin from mum, MSI’s You’ll Rebel To Anything on vinyl from Kerri, & a Hell Bunny “Heartbreaker” dress from Emma.

Then I spent my New Look gift card from an aunt on 2 pairs of cute shoes & a bag, & my Amazon gift card from another aunt on a box of Yogi “Perfect Energy” tea in Vanilla Spice & these books (from the used section):

– Contemporary & Traditional Japanese Cooking: Simple, Delicious & Vegan by Miyoko Mishimoto
– Strangers by Taichi Yamada
– The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura
– Geisha of Gion: The True Story of Japan’s Foremost Geisha by Mineko Iwasaki
– Autobiography of a Geisha by Sayo Masuda
– The Rose & The Beast: Fairy Tales Retold by Francesca Lia Block

So, yeah… although it’s been a quiet one this year, it’s been relaxing & I’ve got lots of nice presents to enjoy









I can haz money?

well, at the risk of sounding like a total douche, I’ve created a donate button for myself. The next few months are gonna be a bit difficult money-wise for me as I need to save a lot more money than I thought in order to pay for my college fees. So if anyone did want to help to fund my studies or even my bubble tea addiction, that would be super awesome ^__^

Plan UK’s Girl Fund

One of the things I wrote in my “Things I want to do in my twenties” list was to sponsor a child in a developing country. This morning (it’s 2am right now), I’ve set up a direct debit to donate to Plan UK’s Girl Fund every month. I would like to sponsor a child at some point, but this fund is wonderful because it gives the money to those who need it, wherever they might be in the world. & it’s all about educating girls so that they can have a better future, which is really important to me. I’m reading a book at the moment called “Half The Sky”, which is all about women’s experiences in developing countries & how they overcome their circumstances to create a better life for themselves. Most of the stories are really heartbreaking & I have to pause reading every so often because I can’t believe what these women have to go through. I know that I can’t help them directly (maybe one day), but knowing I can provide a worthwhile charity with money that they can use to help themselves is a really positive thing.

You can read all about the Girl Fund here